About Us

"The ever present OM is the pulse of the universe and the source of our whole being ." OMSutra is a fusion of two words " OM " and " Sutra ", Om - the absolute , the sound of the " OM " is the sound of creation and symbolizes the infinite , and Sutra - the thread of connection , it connects our inner world to the greater outer and beyond , it aligns our energy and creates a feeling of unity and love with connection of body , mind and spirit and the universe around us that brings peace, joy and harmony to all those who tune in. 

OMSutra started in 2008 with the mission of creating opportunities for artisans,women, people with disabilities and minorities to realize their creative and economic potential by providing them with training for product development and marketing support to create jobs and use their talents to create beautifully handcrafted product with purpose and meaningful coexistence. By providing access to the marketplace, our aim is to create lasting economic opportunities for the underprivileged communities and to help them to create unique, quality and to market-ready products to our customers. Since then we have grown our network of different partner communities throughout India . Our products are now available in Yoga Studios, Boutique stores, Gift Shops and Retreat centers in U.S.A , Canada, Australia and major online retailers based in the U.S.A.

Eco-friendly and socially responsible, OMSutra was established with a clear vision : to provide products of performance, style and comfort with the perfect blend of fashion , function & inspirational modern designs and dedicated to providing exceptional value & quality . goods to customers that value the environment , a sustainable economy, and a healthy lifestyle.At OMSutra, we provide the highest quality products and are truly committed to sustainability , from feel- good gifts to yoga and meditation supplies , that is exclusively produced for OMSutra while incorporating fair trade and sustainable practices in all aspects of the business and doing our part to protect our forests, and reducing landfill burden.

 OMSutra is dedicated to maintaining a meaningful relation that inspires you to stay active with peace, happiness and mindful existence in the present moment . Our products deliver the tangible value of customers to start living healthier lives with love for fashion.Our on-trend designs are high in quality at prices you'll feel good about , this is where the inspiration starts .The OMSutra products are created regardless of spiritual background or experience and we believe that there should be no prerequisite for feeling good .We offer a select choice of clothing , bags , accessories and more to the modern day yogis for healthy & spiritual lifestyle . We are proud of our commitment to supporting the talented artisans who create unique products of us and we practice & enforce Fair Labour standards of every stage.Beyond this,we foster a community of people that embrace our philosophy - "We make a living by What we get,we make a " Life " by what we " Give " - Helping the Humanity.

Our primary philosophy has been to maintain the highest ethics in all aspects of business.We try our best to make our products meet your standard of excellence and expectations. We go the extra mile to make sure that our customer service remains as good as our partners have always claimed it to be.We always want you, our wonderful customers to be completely satisfied with your purchase and want to encourage every customer to drop us a line and share with us their shopping experience.

We welcome you to our store to enjoy our product and your shopping experience and all that OMSutra has to offer to help you achieve balance and joy in every aspect of your life.Join us in creating the world that's more playful and beautiful, vibrant and diverse, thoughtful and sensitive, compassionate, kind and connected ! 

The OMSutra Team