Projects In Action


OMSutra and Yoga Give Back (YGB) has joined hands together to work on this project with a similar mission to empower women groups and help artisans. OMSutra is determined to bring social change through Social Enterprise, by promoting artisan's artwork and providing work opportunities to women groups most in need.

Yoga Gives Back is an NGO dedicated to "to mobilize the global yoga community to empower women and children in India to build sustainable livelihoods".  

As part of this project, "Nirava Bag - A bag with a story" is being manufactured with an art depicting Buddha's transformation from King Siddhartha(Gautama Buddha) to enlightened Buddha. This resonates with the transformation that we see in the lives of the Student who created this art and the women that are manufacturing these bags. 

OMSutra donates a portion of sales proceeds from the sales of this Niravana Bag to Yoga Gives Back, that gives back to these artisan and women groups. 

Also you can join Yoga Gives Back, and support it's One Million Yogi Compaign(OMYG).

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