Prayer Mala Beads -  Moon Stone Japa Mala  (108 beads)

Prayer Mala Beads - Moon Stone Japa Mala (108 beads)

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Moonstone is known as a fertility crystal and is traditionally used to aid women - during pregnancy and childbirth, to ease menstrual cramps and to rebalance hormones during the menopause. A mālā typically consists of 108 beads and an additional bead called a sumeru. With each bead, one repeats the mantra. 

A round of Japa begins with the sumeru and ends when it is reached again. Subsequent rounds always begin with the bead upon which the previous round ended. The mālā should be held in the right hand with the middle finger and thumb. The index finger, which is considered inauspicious, should not be used to perform Japa. “Japa is a kind of communication between “here” and “beyond”, between the part and the Whole. 

As with any type of communication, it cannot be a mumbling of empty words, or a mechanical or robotic repetition, but must be the expression of an authentic and sincere intention. The mantra should be recited with the highest attention and deeply interiorized.”

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