Our Vision

We believe in a healthy & eco-friendly fashion future, one that makes fair and sustainable fashion affordable by all. We support by empowering and providing entrepreneurship, leadership, and technical skills to artisans to improve the design and quality of the products they produce and use modern marketing techniques to increase their access to the marketplace with an opportunity to improve their livelihood. The projects for women are aimed at creating awareness of their rights and provide entrepreneurship opportunities in achieving socio-economic empowerment and to give them a new life with financial freedom. The projects for the young adults aim to restart their education and encourage them to take up vocational training that will help them to earn a living to have a sustainable livelihood.

Our Sustainability Vision is to walk into the future taking our trade partners along with us for a symbiotic relationship of mutual trust and benefit and at the same time our social commitment towards artisans, farmers, women, and children for a brighter future. We believe that quality and price can both be woven into a product such that it appeals to our customers and is possible as we are working diligently with the vendors and creating a backward integration which guarantees topmost quality at affordable price.Our goal is to Increase our capacity to provide living wages to these Artisans and women groups. We also partner with retailers to increase access to consumers that demand products that are made ethically.

We will continue to develop and curate new product that meets our sustainable, responsible and practical standards. We strive to use resources as efficiently as possible and to minimize waste. We are always on the lookout of adopting new ways and means, that we can minimize our environmental footprint through improved production processes and our choice of materials. We try to offer our customers a more sustainable choice, by using materials and partnering with factories that follow our guidelines for safety and efficacy a product that is timeless and reciprocal, focused and natural.

We look forward to a very healthy and viable entrepreneurship and enterprising relation with all our customers in days to come and would thrive to the best of our efforts to make the beautiful and functional products we love, in a way we can all feel good about for the up gradation of the standard of living for everyone in days to come.

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