Our Business Concept

"Products to inspire your mind, rejuvenate your body and inspire your soul."


Omsutra is an eco-friendly, socially responsible company dedicated to providing quality goods and inspiring healthy & spiritual lifestyles through Yoga, Meditation & Green living to our customers. Our mission is to create economic opportunities for artisans, women at risk, marginalized communities and people with disabilities; by providing training, product development and marketing support.


Omsutra ensures that each and every item used in our product portfolio is natural, hand-crafted, fair trade, safe and eco-friendly. All our products are authentic and ethical – embracing design and sustainability, beautifully finished and reviving our artisan’s skills.


A healthy life and spiritual mind is the necessity of today, and so we promote products which inspire a healthy lifestyle in the most fashionable & eco-friendly way. Omsutra strives to always have the best customer offerings so we offer collections that are wide-ranging .To us, design, quality and sustainability are not a question of price: we always offer high-quality, fashion forward, healthy products with unbeatable value for money to our clientele. Quality is the key in production. From initial ideas to the final products, our aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations and we take great pride in our level of customer service and attention to detail.


To supply our products at its the best price to our customer, we make sure to:


*Use only In-house designs

* Have no middlemen

*Keep reasonable purchasing volumes

*Purchase the right products from right markets by our own manpower 

*Scientific and efficient procurement process

*Cost justification at all levels through a very flat and lean organization structure


An important element of our strong offering is that OM Sutra should be the most sustainable choice. We source and manufacture with suppliers who operate on a fair - trade basis and responsibly source materials, while supporting farmers, artisans, women at risk, people with disabilities, and communities that  have high ethical and moral values and try to minimize their impact on the environment. We work to bring about long-term improvement for people and the environment – in the supply chain, the product lifecycle and the communities in which we are active.


We believe in promoting wellness, empowering the people who create our products, and protecting the earth while respecting our responsibility towards a green biosphere. All our products and services have been created and packaged with deep concern for the society and the environment. We have a green company policy that emphasizes recycling, saving energy and going paperless, among other strict environmental-friendly practices. We recycle everything that we can, opt for only biodegradable and recycled packaging, and reduce, reuse and recycle the stationery.


We practice & enforce Fair Labor standards at every stage and are proud of our commitment to support the communities and are truly committed to sustainability, doing our part to protect the forests, reducing landfill burden while making our products meet the standards of excellence.


When we do business “the OMSutra way” we do so ethically, honestly and responsibly. We continually encourage our suppliers and other business partners to do the same and help make our world a cleaner and better place

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